Download Video Of Dubai Based Tiktok Influencer Ahereza Lukia Tape Leaked On Tiktok.

Of late, social media wannabes are competing for stardom and some are willing to go an extra mile to become famous.

However, Famous Ugandan TikTok influencer Ahereza Lukia has willingly exposed her tiny but juicy sumbie in heart melting photos that has left men salivating and women wishing it was their own, we have them here for you.

Meanwhile, Starting from the motormouthed Ismael Sefuko alias Dr. Cephco, who was recently arrested and imprisoned in Kitalya Prison for abusing Full Figure, a presidential adviser.

As well as MC Chumi who was claiming to be Full Figure’s daughter is still in hiding after the self-proclaimed general threatened to throw her behind bars.

Watch the video below

Lukia is currently trending on TikTok after she willingly sent netizens into excitement with her n#de pics.


Finally, According to Blizz Uganda reporters,Lukia who currently resides in Dubai got excited with her iPhone and ended up offering netizens free optical nutrition.

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