What is BigTinySound.com?

Big Tiny Sound .com is a website developed and built for the purpose of promoting music, artist or sounds on TikTok and making it go viral.

It’s no secret that most of today’s top listened songs on Spotify are songs that originally went viral on TikTok. As the fastest growing social network in the world, TikTok has become the 1 place for artists to promote their music.

So how do you get TikTok influencers to use your music in their videos so that your songs can chart on Spotify?

The old way would be to reach out to each influencer yourself, email them until you get a response, negotiate different rates and payment methods, and manually keep track of who has done what and if they follow the instructions and whether or not you’ve sent payment. In a worst case situation you end up paying an influencer a flat rate and their video doesn’t do very well and you end up extremely disappointed with your results. It’s a nightmare.


BigTinySound solves all of this.


BigTinySound is a TikTok influencer marketing platform for music marketers to easily run optimized and targeted TikTok campaigns with guaranteed performance.

  • Thousands of TikTok influencers are signed up for BigTinySound waiting to receive new sponsorship opportunities (with new influencers signing up every day).

  • BigTinySound handles all payments and negotiations between influencers so that you don’t have to worry about it.

  • Instead of needing to manually reach out to each creator, BigTinySound allows you to launch a campaign with detailed targeting, budget options, and a cost per thousand views (starts at $1.70 per 1,000 views), and then notifies influencers who match your criteria (Example: $5,000 campaign budget, willing to pay up to $500 per video at $1.70 per 1,000 views, specifically targeting female influencers who dance and live in the United States or UK).

  • Influencers reserve a spot on the campaign and a portion of the budget is reserved for them. The amount of budget they are able to reserve is based on their predicted performance on the campaign (small influencers will only be able to reserve small amounts of the budget while larger influencers will be able to reserve larger amounts up until the max per video set for that campaign).

  • Influencers have 48 hours to submit their video after reserving a spot on your campaign (if they don’t submit a video their spot is given away to another influencer). Once an influencer submits their video, BigTinySound will track the number of views the video gets for 72 hours and then initiate payment to that influencer based on how many views it received. The influencer can not make more than their reserved amount, so if a small influencer reserves $50 on your campaign and ends up getting 5,000,000 views on their video, you will still only pay them up to $50 for that video. If an influencer ends up not getting enough views to earn the full amount they reserved, the remaining budget will be made available for new influencers to reserve.

BigTinySound has enabled thousands of TikTok sponsorships and generated over half a billion views for artists.

Artists who have promoted their music on BigTinySound include:

  • Trevor Daniel

  • Usher

  • Money Man

  • Tame Impala

  • YFN Lucci

  • Jacob Latimore

  • Lil Gotit

  • $uicideBoy$

  • Cierra Ramirez

  • MarMar Oso

  • T Pain

  • Saucy Santana

  • Macy Kate

  • Yung Mal

  • Key Glock

  • Pretty Ricky

  • Rod Wave

  • Rich Brian

  • Tobi Lou

  • Sleepy Hallow

  • + many many more

Types of TikTok influencers on BigTinySound includes:

  • Dancers

  • Comedy / Skits

  • Art / Crafts

  • Family

  • Sports / Athletic

  • Beauty / Fashion

Targeting options for your BigTinySound campaign include:

  • Gender

  • Content Category

  • Location

  • Average view count per video

  • Size of creator

How To Create your BigTinySound campaign

Step by step instructions and guidance

Create a New Campaign:

New campaigns may be launched from the homepage of your BigTinySound account anytime by clicking the “Create Campaign” button. As you prepare to launch a campaign, the details are automatically saved as a draft while you’re working on them.

Step 1: TikTok Sound and Budget

The first step is to have the link to the TikTok sound you want to promote ready. You can get this by:

  • Method 1: Use Your Distributor — All of the top distributors can now send your music directly to TikTok, the same way they send it to DSPs like Spotify and Apple Music. To check if your distributor has already sent your music to TikTok, open up the app on your phone and search for your artist name and song name in the search bar. Then tap the “sounds” tab to see if your song is already there.

  • Method 2: Manually Upload Songs — This method allows you to have greater control over the snippet of your song available on TikTok and lets you customize the way it is named (however, this method will not pay TikTok royalties). To do this, all you have to do is upload a video with your song as the audio to your TikTok account. When the video is posted, TikTok will create a “sound” from the video and you can tap on the sound and edit the name of the sound to your artist name and song name.

Next, you will set the total budget for this campaign and the max cost per video. The max cost per video determines what the minimum number of sponsored videos will be from this campaign. When setting the max price higher, this will notify influencers with larger followings and engagement.

Step 2: Campaign Instructions

At this step, you’ll select what type of instructions you may have for the campaign.

When you select that the creator can make any type of video, this means influencers will create any video they believe will get the most engagement using your TikTok sound. Creators are paid based on their performance so they will tailor a custom video to their unique audiences.

For the other types of instructions like copying a dance, skit, or duet, you will see a spot to include any additional notes to the creator along with an example video link. Usually this is a link to a TikTok video showing an example of what you would like influencers to replicate in their sponsored posts.

Step 3: Influencer Targeting

Here is the step where you specify what types of influencers you would like to be notified about your campaign. Each of the targeting sections allows you to select all or select specific categories of creators, regions, or gender. For the size of TikTok creators, this is based on the average views they receive on recent videos.

When making targeting selections, the right hand column will update in real-time to show you the audience size of creators that will be eligible for your campaign and the estimated results. If the audience size is too specific, try expanding the targeting to include more types of creators or regions.

Note: Targeting a larger audience creators will increase the speed at which your campaign will be completed.

Step 4: Payment Options

At this step you can select the credit card that you would like to use for this campaign or add a new form of payment. Campaign budget totals are charged at the beginning of the campaign and once the campaign is live you will have the option to end the campaign early to initiate a refund.

Step 5: Review Campaign and Launch

At this step you will see all of the campaign details from the previous steps for your review. There will be a preview of the TikTok sound link that you can click on to check that it is the correct song for this promotion.

Once you hit the “Launch Campaign” button, you finished launching a campaign on BigTinySound! Our team will review the campaign details to make sure everything is set up and then the campaign is live!

What Happens Next Creating BigTinySound Campaign?

You have to wait Within 48 hours, you will receive email notifications when there are new videos posted with your promoted song. You can log into BigTinySound anytime and click on the campaign name to view details like influencers, videos, and total views.

Is Bigtinysound.com Legit Or Scam?

Bigtinysound.com domain was created 3 months ago, on our review Bigtinysound.com is a new website, Therefore we don’t have all it takes to say is a scam because they are just starting there business development on TikTok.

As of 20th, June 2022 Bigtinysound.com is a legitimate / legit website to start campaign or use there sounds on your TikTok.

How To Use Big Tiny Sound

Guys as of now Wapgidi is trying to study more on How To Use Big Tiny Sound, we will update you guys once we are successful.