How To Create TikTok FLYING Effect Tutorial And Make Yourself Flying

How To Create TikTok FLYING Effect Tutorial And Make Yourself Flying, We use video to backup our tutorial to you people, so as you read click the video below to watch for more easily to understand.

I’ve been seeing a lot of videos with the flying effect lately so I thought I’d make a tutorial video on how you can make a flying video.

For this tutorial, you just need TikTok and the video trimmer tool that comes with your phone. I have a Samsung S10 Plus, so your phone’s trimmer tool might look a little different.

I usually edit my videos in Adobe After Effects, however, I wanted to create a tutorial for which you don’t need any special video editing apps or programs.

Let me know if this helps or if you have ANY questions.

If you do end up making a video using this tutorial, tag me on TikTok so I can see it 🙂 @girlwithacellphone

This are following app you can use to edit your flying video on TikTok.

  • CapCut editor
  • kinemaster
  • Adobe

What video format for more understand 

How do you make it look like you’re floating TikTok?

A simple TikTok Floating illusion using the Freeze Frame effect.

I thought I’d share another cool way you can use the freeze-frame effect!

how to do flying effect in tiktok using kinemaster | you know i forget.

How do you do a jump thing on TikTok?

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