There are many ways of making money online in Nsukka Today, am her to show you, Top 10 ways on how to make money in Nsukka.

Nsukka have been a problem of make money because is not a business place like Lagos state.

Top 10 ways on how to make money in Nsukka

  1. Selling provision
  2. Selling and repairing phones
  3. Selling or been a land agent
  4. Recharge business or VTU Business
  5. Electrical parts business
  6. Farmer Business
  7. Teacher business
  8. Chemist or chemical Business
  9. Clothes Business
  10.  Building materials Business

The above are Top 10 ways on how to make money in Nsukka as of 2022

The disadvantage of them selling everything is that they don’t take their time to provide a variety of some products they sell

Capital is the number one thing that will determine the category you belong. If you have less than #100,000 you will consider retailing, more than #100,000 you can do wholesale, millions can start distribution business. That bring us to the question often asked, ‘how much does it cost to start a provision store in Nigeria’?
Any amount can start the business even if it is #10,000 you stock your shop according to that

amount. But to start averagely, you will need about #500,000 but to start big time one million and above. The prices of provision items are sky rocketing so write a provision store business plan before starting in other to succeed.

Your store should be positioned in a strategic place and made visible for all to see. There are some places you go to except you ask you will not be able to locate where a provision store is simply because it is opened to capture only the people residing in that area.

The provision shop design will depend on the capital and the type of provision store you are starting with. You need a small shop if your capital is small so that the few items you showcase in the shop will appear plenty. People natural bypass shops that look scanty because they believe it will not have all the items they want to purchase.

You have to spread your capital to capture almost every fast consumable products. Purchase more of want is highly demanded in your area for sale. Don’t in the name of trying to buy everything you think will be bought go and buy the things that will take a long time to sale. You can keep those kind of items one or two for customers who will need them.

Reduce price especially if a customers ask you to do so, by so doing you will get that customer to yourself. You can use another item to make up for the one you deducted.

Brotherly supermarket has almost everything you need, including foodstuff! They are very friendly and have a good customer relationship, open 24/7 however on Sundays they open around 11am ish or even 12noon. The disadvantage of them selling everything is that they don’t take their time to provide a variety of some products they sell (hence the withdrawal of my last star), but they are mainly a provision store and offer POS services as well.

Imagine the typical life in the neighborhood

You enter into the bathroom to take your bath only to discover there is no soap, you wrap your towel round your waist, cross over the street and get a soap from the nearby grocery store – so convenient!

You are cooking a pot of soup, wanted to add Maggi (popular brand name for seasoning)but it happened you don’t have any. You dash into your room, pick N20 and sent a little girl to go buy Maggi in the nearby shop. Within two minutes, the girl is back with cubes of Maggi ready for your pot of vegetable soup.

These are some of the reasons grocery stores are the most important establishment in any neighborhood.

They make shopping so convenient in the neighborhood and make plenty of money at the same time. This business is so profitable that a good small grocery store makes average of N5,000 as pure profit everyday. Some items are sold with just N5 gain while some are sold with N500 gain, when you pile up everything at the end of the business day, you would be surprised at the amount of profit you make.